Frequently asked questions

How do I care for my pampas grass?

Display your pampas grass in a cool/dry location, avoiding water + direct sunlight. When your pampas arrives it may be flattened from the packaging - use a blowdryer on a low setting to fluff back out. We recommend lightly spritzing your pampas with hairspray to help reduce shedding.

How long do dried florals last?

While it depends on the type of florals + how they've been dried/preserved, as long as they've been cared for properly you can expect most dried florals to last for years! Keep out of direct sunlight, do not water + avoid humid areas (not ideal for bathrooms or kitchens).

Will you work with fresh florals upon request?

Unfortunately no, while I think fresh florals are gorgeous, dried + faux have my heart. I truly believe in creating high quality arrangements that can remain beautiful for years to come.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes! However, I only take on so many custom orders per month + spots book up quickly. If you have a custom order in mind please submit our contact form asap so we can discuss your vision + ensure it can be completed within your timeline!